Brain imaging and prognosis of neurodevelopmental outcome in preterm infants.
Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics in the 21st Century
Imaging of fetal neurobehavioral
Neonatology in the 21st Century
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis in 2015
The first postnatal growth standards for infants born preterm: the Preterm Postnatal Follow-up Study of the INTERGROWTH 21st Project
The prediction and prevention of preterm birth
The Survival Miracle of Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Tribute to Prof. Dr. Roberto Caldeyro Barcia
Chorioamnionitis and neonatal sepsis
Developmental origins of health and disease
Genomics in Obstetrics and Neonatology
Mechanisms responsible for preterm labor and fetal injury
President’s session
The importance of the Microbiota in Perinatal Medicine
SIBEN’s Actions to improve newborn health in Latin America: How can I become involved? (Parallel session in Spanish)
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Challenges of the second stage of labor
Congenital Heart Diseases, the global approach
Diabetes and obesity during pregnancy
Empowering of parents – Why does it matter and can make a difference?
Estrategias emergentes para volver al nacimiento natural (Parallel session in Spanish)
Fetal biometry for the diagnosis of growth disorders
Fetal Surgery
From the beginning of life to delivery advanced tools in fetal ultrasound
Functional evaluation of the growth restricted fetus with Doppler and MRI
Global Neonatology
Hypertension in Pregnancy (Organization GESTOSIS)
Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
Neonatal Nutrition
New issues in the obstetrical management of acute preterm labor
Perinatal infections in pregnancy
Postpartum hemorrhage
Prediction and prevention of fetal death
Preeclampsia prediction and prevention
Pretern delivery at the limits of viability - El prematuro de la viabilidad
Pretern Premature Rupture of Membranes
Prevention of preterm delivery
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection
Screening for critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) in newborn infants using PulseOximetry
The edge of viability
The importance of maternal nutrition on the offspring development.
The stabilization of the very low birth-weight infant.
Twin gestations and advanced parenteral age
Fetal Echocardiography
Fetal Neurology
Ian Donald School
International Society of the Fetus as a Patient
Developmental Care. From the brain of neonate to the heart of the health care
Hemodynamic monitoring of the sick neonate
Noninvasive ventilation
Fertilidad de infertilidad en el ciclo ovárico: aplicaciones clínicas y líneas de investigación
Indian Society of Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy (ISPAT) Session
Ultrasound-guided puncture in neonatology (Session Spanish)
Ultrasound-guided puncture in neonatology