Program 5th November


Room Luxemburgo
Session 08 - Preeclampsia: screening, risk assessment and prevention
Chairpersons: José Ramón Fernández Lorenzo and Ignacio Herraiz
O-0057 - O-0064

Room Londres
Session 09 - Infection and inflammation in the perinatal period
Chairpersons: Bernat Serra and Ana Bianchi
O-0065 - O-0072

Room Paris
Session 10 - Cesarean delivery: perinatal consequences and long-term prognosis // Perinatal neurology
Chairpersons: Francisca Molina and Alejandro Pérez Munuzuri
O-0073 - O-0080

Room Madrid
Session 11 - Congenital Heart Disease Screening
Chairpersons: José Luis Zunzunegui and Cristina Casanova
O-0081 - O-0083; O-0087; O-0088; O-0095; O-0198

Room Roma
Session 12 - Fetal death // Mechanisms for preterm labor and fetal injury
Chairpersons: Alfredo Perales and Juan Luis Delgado
O-0089 - O-0094; O-0096; O-0195

Room La Habana
Session 13 - Translational research in perinatology // Twins
Chairpersons: Soledad Quezada Rojas and Enrique García Marqués
O-0097 - O-0102; O-0104; O-0112

Room Caracas
Session 14 - Translational research in perinatology // Twins
Chairpersons: Javier Mancilla and Teresa Muñoz
O-0103; O-0105 - O-0111

Room La Paz
Session 15 - Genomics in Perinatal Medicine // Neonatal nutrition and probiotics
Chairpersons: Laura San Feliciano and Concepción Alba
O-0113; O-0114; O-0116 - O-0120; O-0134

Room Montevideo
Session 16 - Perinatal cardiology
Chairpersons: Teresa Alvarez and Constancio Medrano
O-0121 - O-0129

Room Bratislava
Session 17 - Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Juan de Leon and Hector Boix Alonso
O-0130 - O-0133; O-0137; O-0158; O-0276; O-0279

Room Varsovia
Session 18 - Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Segundo Rite Gracia and Elisa Llurba
O-0135; O-0138 - O-0143; O-0145; O-0188

Room Praga
Session 19 - Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: José Antonio Hurtado Suazo and Eugenia Antolin
O-0146 - O-0259

Room Estocolmo
Session 20 - Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Magdalena Sanz-Cortes and Cesar W. Ruiz Campillo
O-0084; O-0154 - O-0157; O-0159 - O-0161

Room Oslo
Session 21 - Miscellaneous
Chairpersons: Alberto Puertas and Laura Sánchez
O-0162 - O-0169
09.00-10.00 Auditorium
Chairpersons: Frank Chervenak (USA) and Paolo Manzoni (Italy)
  1. Imaging of fetal neurobehavioral. Asim Kurjak (Croatia)
  2. Brain imaging and prognosis of neurodevelopmental outcome in preterm infants. Linda S. De Vries (The Netherlands)
10.30-12.30 Auditorium
Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Chairpersons: Dorotea V. Blanco (Spain) and Maximo Vento (Spain)
  1. Long term outcome in HIE?. Linda S. De Vries (The Netherlands)
  2. Who should we cool, for how long and at what temperature?. Marianne Thoresen (Norway)
  3. Cord Blood Cells for HIE C. Michael Cotten (USA)
  4. Erythropoietin for Neuroprotection in Very Preterm Infants. Jean Claude Fauchere (Switzerland)
10.30-12.30 Room Londres
Fetal biometry for the diagnosis of growth disorders

Chairpersons: Jason Gardosi (UK) and Francesc Figueras (Spain)
  1. International standards for fetal growth: the INTERGROWTH-21st Project. Aris Papageorghiou (UK)
  2. The role of customized growth charts in the assessment of fetal growth. Jason Gardosi (UK)
  3. Individualized fetal growth assessment .Wesley Lee (USA)
10.30-12.30 Room París
Diabetes and obesity during pregnancy

Chairpersons: Shali Mazaki-Tovi (Israel) and Gerard H.A. Visser (The Netherlands)
  1. Maternal body mass index and the risk of fetal death, and infant death. Dagfinn Aune (UK)
  2. The association of maternal obesity and pregnancy related deaths. Federico Mariona (USA)
  3. Metabolic Disease, Inflammation and Preterm Birth. Shali Mazaki-Tovi (Israel)
  4. The long-term effects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome of the mother and father on the offspring. Gerard H.A. Visser (The Netherlands)
10.30-12.30 Room Madrid
Twin gestations and advanced parental age

Chairpersons: Isaac Blickstein (Israel) and Joseph Schenker (Israel)
  1. Monochorionicity as an embryonic anomaly. Isaac Blickstein (Israel)
  2. The placenta in twin gestations. Corinne Hubinont (Belgium)
  3. What is the Outcome of Pregnancy when Mothers and/or Fathers are of Advanced Age?. Joseph Schenker (Israel)
  4. Prenatal diagnosis in twin gestations with NIPT. Anton Mikhailov (Russia)
  5. Management of pregnancies with single fetal death. Isaac Blickstein (Israel)
10.30-12.30 Room Roma
Screening for critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) in newborn infants using PulseOximetry

Chairpersons: Avroy Fanaroff (USA), Paolo Manzoni (Italy) and Manuel Sanchez-Luna (Spain)
  1. The scientific evidence for CCHD Screening and its practical application using PulseOximetry. Andy Ewer (UK)
  2. Global implementation efforts in CCHD Screening: is an European recommendation needed?. Andy Ewer (UK)
  3. Barriers to universal implementation of CCHD Screening with Working Solutions. Gerard R. Martin (USA)
  4. Dutch home delivery experience on CCHD screening. Ilona Narayen (The Netherlands)
  5. Panel Discussion: Engaging Scientific Societies in the efforts on CCHD Screening Different areas, different scenarios
    ESPR: Luc Zimmerman (The Netherlands)
    UENPS: Manuel Sánchez Luna (Spain)
    ESN: Daniele de Luca (France)
    ISNS: Gerard Loeber (The Netherlands)
    Parent Organization EURODIS and ACC: Gerard R. Martin (USA)
    FUNDASAMIN & South America: Nestor Vain (Argentina)
10.30-12.30 Room La Habana
Perinatal infections in pregnancy
Chairpersons: Yves Ville (France) and Pablo Rojo (Spain)
  1. Strategies for GBS screening, prevention and treatment in the perinatal period (new consensus guidelines). Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy)
  2. Is there a cure for perinatally HIV-infected children?. Pablo Rojo (Spain)
  3. Diagnosis and management of cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy. Yves Ville (France)
10.30-12.30 Room Caracas
When details become evidence: Evolving science with ultrasound
Sponsored by Philips
Chairperson: Dolores Cantelli (Spain)
  1. Capturing diagnostic information clearly with high frequency ultrasound. Guillaume Gorincour (France)
  2. Overcoming the complexity of the obese patient. Karim Kalache (Qatar)
  3. Fetal auditory cortex: A challenge for the future. Carlos López Ramón (Spain)
12.30-13.30 Auditorium
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection
Chairpersons: Paolo Manzoni (Italy) and Xavier Carbonell-Estrany (Spain)
  1. Introduction and objectives. Xavier Carbonell-Estrany (Spain)
  2. Viral vs. bacterial respiratory infections in infants: Challenges in diagnosis and clinical management. Octavio Ramilo (USA)
  3. Lung function of preterm infants before and after viral infections. Anne Greenough (UK)
  4. Conclusions and adjourn. Paolo Manzoni (Italy)
12.30-13.30 Room Madrid
Non Invasive Prenatal Test. Where are we now. Where are we going. State of the problem - Sponsored by Genoma
Chairperson: Karim Kalache (Qatar)
  1. Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities. The role of cf-dna. Certainties and doubts. Javier Pérez Pedregosa (Spain)
  2. How far have we reached? Olivera Kontic (Serbia)
  3. Genetic counselling for less common abnormalities. Marta Moreno (Spain)
  4. Discussion of clinical cases
12.30-13.30 WCPM SPACE

Chairperson: Alejandro Pérez Munuzuri and Marcos Cuerva
PO-0007 - PO-0017
13.30-15.00 Auditorium
The importance of the Microbiota in Perinatal Medicine

Chairpersons: Eduardo Bancalari (USA) and Octavio Ramilo (USA)
  1. The role of the microbiome in health and disease. Francisco Guarner (Spain)
  2. The vaginal and placental microbiome in pregnancy. Phil Bennett (UK)
  3. The neonatal microbiome in health and disease. Joseph Neu (USA)
15.00-17.00 Auditorium
The edge of viability

Chairpersons: Avroy Fanaroff (USA) and Josep Figueras (Spain)
  1. Where are the limits of viability?. Ola Saugstad (Norway)
  2. Optimal target oxygen saturation in the periviable neonate. Maximo Vento (Spain)
  3. A comparison of the guidelines for the management of extremely premature deliveries. Avroy Fanaroff (USA)
  4. Resuscitation versus stabilization in the delivery Room. Marta Thio (Australia)
15.00-17.00 Room Londres
Challenges of the second stage of labor

Chairpersons: Alfredo Perales (Spain) and Chittaranjan Narahari Purandare (India)
  1. Defining a prolonged second stage of labor and its potential consequences for mother and infant. Chittaranjan Narahari Purandare (India)
  2. The use of ultrasound to monitor labor progress. Karim Kalache (Qatar)
  3. Vacuum vs. forceps – which is better (randomized clinical trials)?. Offer Erez (Israel)
  4. The maternal circulatory status in the second stage of labor monitored by electrical velocimetry: implications for the patient with cardiac disease. Jun Yoshimatsu (Japan)
  5. The ODON device: A new approach. Javier Schvartzman (Argentina) and Hugo Krupitzki (Argentina)
15.00-17.00 Room París
Prevention of preterm delivery

Chairpersons: Luis Cabero (Spain) and Eduardo Da Fonseca (Brasil)
  1. Progesterone. Roberto Romero (USA)
  2. Cervical cerclage (Cervical cerclage vs progesterone in short cervical length). Eduardo da Fonseca (Brasil)
  3. Pessary. María Goya (Spain)
  4. The prevention of preterm birth in twin gestations. Agustín Conde-Agudelo (Colombia)
15.00-17.00 Room Madrid
Neonatal Nutrition

Chairpersons: Paolo Manzoni (Italy) and Eduardo Doménech (Spain)
  1. The relationship between nutrition and neonatal infection. Paolo Manzoni (Italy)
  2. Strategies to promote growth in the preterm infant. Virgilio Carnielli (Italy)
  3. Probiotics in immaturity. Teresa del Moral (USA)
  4. Developmental aspects of drastic changes of lipoprotein metabolism in neonatal infants. Nobuhiko Nagano (Japan)
15.00-17.00 Room Roma
Functional evaluation of the growth restricted fetus with Doppler and MRI

Chairpersons: Ivica Zalud (USA) and Francisca Molina (Spain)
  1. Can the results of umbilical and fetal Doppler be used to manage the early growth restricted fetus (TRUFFLE study). Gerard H.A. Visser (The Netherlands)
  2. The late IUGR fetus: screening, assessment, and timing of delivery. Francesc Figueras (Spain)
  3. What is the long term prognosis of early and late IUGR: observations based on magnetic resonance imaging and neurobehavioral studies. Magdalena Sanz-Cortes (USA)
  4. Fetal growth restriction in twins. Juan de León (Spain)
  5. Novel observations about the biology of the placenta in IUGR. Irene Cetin (Italy)
15.00-17.00 Room La Habana
INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM: From the beginning of life to delivery: advanced tools in fetal ultrasound- Sponsored by Toshiba
Chairperson: Eduard Gratacós (Spain)
  1. Advances in first trimester ultrasound. Jader Cruz (Portugal)
  2. Advances in fetal cardiovascular ultrasound. Alberto Galindo (Spain)
  3. Advances in fetal neurosonography. Miguel Branco (Portugal)
15.00-17.00 Room Caracas
Nurse session: Scientific societies of neonatal nursing: from regional to global

Chairperson: Antonio Vazquez Sellán (Spain)
  1. Spanish Society of Neonatal Nursing, and opportunity to grow and to share. Miguel Garcia Fernandez (Spain)
  2. Infant health nursing in the iberoamerican: building networks of collaboration. Maria Luisa Díaz Martínez (Spain)
  3. Neonatal Nurses around the world: Presentation of COINN. Rachel Valera Monsalve (Spain)
Session in English
17.00-18.30 Auditorium
Developmental origins of health and disease

Chairpersons: Yves Ville (France) and Asim Kurjak (Croatia)
  1. The long-term effects of nutrition in pregnancy: the importance of vitamin B12 during pregnancy on childhood adiposity. Chittaranjan Yajnik (India)
  2. Bacterial and viral infections during pregnancy increase the risk of autism and schizophrenia in offspring. Celso Arango (Spain)
  3. The long-term cardiovascular consequences of SGA. Eduard Gratacós (Spain)
18.30-19.30 Room Londres

All sessions will be in English (except for those where otherwise indicated). Simultaneous translations will be provided English to Spanish